Banishing Bath Salts

Banishing Bath Salts

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Cleanse the Body/Mind/Soul

For all you want to wash away

Use in bath or shower

To use: Set your intention then pour about half the  Banishing Salts under warm, running water to transform an ordinary bath into a Banishing Bath.

For shower-mix a small amount (about a tablespoon) into your favorite liquid body wash bottle. Shake well-use as directed.

Banishing Salts are intended for use in bath, do not eat, rub them on your tender bits, and tempting as it may seem-do not drink your bath water. Keep out of reach of children/pets. If irritation happens, discontinue use.

These salts are intended to scent your bath and bathe you with the highest intention.

Unfortunately they will not turn you into a zombie or a beauty queen.


Crafted with salt, epsom salt,herbs, essential oils and a sprinkle of magick. 
Not responsible for damages  
Do not ingest.