Hand Carved Candle

Hand Carved Candle

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Magickal, Powerful & Crafted for You

Each beautiful and hand carved candle is a complete spell to help manifest your intentions.

These 7 day candles are made with magick symbols, herbs, blessings, your astrological sign and name. Each is carefully dressed with essential oils, hand ground herbs (most from my garden) a sprinkle of glitter and a healthy dash of magick.

To order your Custom Candle I will need your astrological sign, first name and what you are seeking. This way we can match the appropriate color, carvings and oils to benefit you the most. 


*******  Love  *********

Keys to Your Heart: Celebrate your love, marriage, hand fasting or your favorite Valentine; anytime. Unlocks a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

Sealed with a Kiss: This candle sends a message to your loved one far away. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, burn this candle to keep your love close and protected. Great for those serving overseas, traveling or when you are apart.

Crimson Vixen: Attraction spell to surround yourself with glamour, intrigue and sparkle. Attract potential suitors, drawing them in like moths to your burning flame.

Unwind the Bind: For individuals that need to clear out residual relationship issues. Removes the blocks that prevent you from moving forward and allows you to receive love.

Bring Your Sexy Back: Romantic attraction candle that will make you appear mesmerizing and enchanting. This is a deeply seductive candle that will allow you to abandon yourself to your wildest erotic fantasies.

Little Frisky: Get in touch with your frisky and flirty side. Gives you the confidence to be playful with just a touch of mischief. Perfect before a night out on the town or a first date.

Play with Fire: Rekindle or perhaps reconnect with an old flame. Also used to turn up the heat in your current relationship. Great for anniversaries or when ever you want to spice things up.

Achey Breakey Heart: Use this candle to heal a hurting relationship, mend old wounds or to recover from grief or loss. 


 ***** Clean and Clear  ******

Take Out The Trash: Sometimes you need to bag that shit up and take it to the curb. Useful to banish negative, harmful, or unhealthy energy from your life. This candle makes every day ‘trash day’ and you are taking it out!

Bless Your Heart: If you are Southern you know exactly what this means and it’s not pretty. This candle is for all those wolves in sheep’s clothing. It will release the nasty, negative and not so nice. Burn this candle for protection from the two faced side talkers. Know that you are in a class by yourself and they can’t touch you-bless their hearts.

Bitch Be Gone: We all know we can have one of THOSE days. If you have been a little less than your best self, time to unleash the flying monkeys and click your heels. No need to keep an eye out for falling houses anymore. Light this candle and get back to being your best.

Sweet Home: Cleanse and bless your place or space. For new homes or after arguments or illness. Brings in peace and calm. Can be used to help find the right home or sell your home quickly.

Good at Goodbye: This candle will give the energy and courage to leave any situation, person or place that is not healthy, supportive or loving. Sometimes we need just a little push to close the door and walk away. This will be the last goodbye you need.


 ***  Luck, Fate, Fortune and Fame  ***

Luck Keys: Luck, and good fortune await you. This candle will turn the wheel to your favor. Unlock your luck and allow it to flow.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: For a favorable outcome in a competitive event or when gambling. Success in games of chance, let your lucky dice roll!

Clue You: This candle is for direction with work and success. Clear the way for new possibilities and paths. Helps break down the barriers that are blocking your business/work growth.

Rolling in the Dough: Bring in the money you so richly deserve. Create an overflow of abundance or bring in cash for a specific need. Good for long term financial  goals.

Personal Paparazzi: Musicians, artists, actors, writers and attention seekers. This candle for those looking for the limelight. Can be used to have extra confidence before the big speech or whenever you will be in front of a crowd.

Make The Grade: Helps you at test time. Reduces stress and allows you to show what you know!


 **** Body and Soul  ****

Get Well Sooner: Invoke the Greek Goddess Panacea for universal healing of  physical and emotional ills. Heal through spiritual and physical planes.

Momma Beia: This candle will make your family grow. Can be used to get pregnant or have healthy pregnancy and delivery. Can be used for smooth and positive adoptions.

Dump the Plump: This candle will give you the strength to stay on your weight loss plan and empower you to make healthier and better choices. You can reach your weight loss goals with inner strength to power over unwanted pounds.

Emotion Commotion: Calm your nerves while healing past emotional trauma. Good to ease upcoming stressful events or situations.

Loose The Blues: Blue is no longer you. This candle let’s you move from blue to new. Brings back a sunny disposition and shakes off what was lowering your vibration.


***** Chakras *****

For clearing, healing, balance, strength and connection

Root of the Problem (First Chakra): Safety, security, boundaries, and grounding. Releases fears, and bring in new beginnings, transformation and personal growth.

Sexy Sacral (Second Chakra): Passion, creativity, sex, sexuality, pleasure, change, graceful movement and fertility. Releases guilt.

Powerhouse (Third Chakra): Self-esteem, confidence, personal power, will, discipline, self-direction and control. Releases shame, fear and depression.

Heartstrings (Fourth Chakra): Love, warmth, compassion and joy. Self- love, kindness and relationships. Releases grief and connect with the universe.

Say What - You Want (Fifth Chakra): Self-expression, communication, honesty and integrity. Speak up for yourself and still remain a good listener. Releases creative blocks and self doubt.

Third Eye Insight (Sixth Chakra): Access inner guidance, intuitive abilities, imagination, dream work. See through illusions and beyond the mind.

Crowning Achievement (Seventh Chakra): Higher consciousness and intellect. Unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected. Transcend the ego.


 ****** Birthday Blessings  *****

Today is your day. Out of 365, this one is all for you. This candle will bring magic, love and blessings for the year to come. Can be given as a gift.

Mercury Retrograde: This candle stops Mercury from mucking up your mojo. Embrace the chaos with confidence and maintain your sanity during this psycho cycle.

Custom Carved Candles: 

If you don’t see what you are looking for-I can create a candle that suites your specific needs.




Candles are made to be used anytime you desire. You don’t have to wait for a special time or day.

Turn off the phone. Take a moment to center yourself.
Take a ritual bath, meditate, smudge or burn incense. Make a quiet space for yourself. This is your time for magick.

Place your candle in a bowl of water. One bowl per candle. The water acts as an offering, feel free to add crystals, herbs or coins. If it evaporates, please refill. 

You can light and let burn completely. If you need to extinguish please do not blow out the flame, instead snuff the wick.  

If you burn it incrementally simply re-focus your intention and relight. Either way follow good fire-safety protocol.

If your candle goes out you can relight. Dispose of the water by tossing it outside or in the toilet. The glass container may crack, please take precaution.

Discard/recycle the glass container with a heart felt thank you. Gratitude is a key element in all magickal practice. 


Please allow for natural variation in hand crafted products. No two items are ever exactly alike, as each one is individually handcrafted. Candle wax and herbs may also vary from batch to batch which may result in variations.                     

Always keep a burning candle within sight. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Be sure the candle-holder is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface. Always burn candles in a well-ventilated room. Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.

Please use candle safety and the good sense your momma gave ya.

Not intended to diagnose or treat anything. For entertainment only. All sales are final. No refunds or returns.