Spell Bottles: Feel-Better

Spell Bottles: Feel-Better

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Feel Better-Spell Bottle

Crafted to assist you to loose the blues, shake off a cold or just to brighten up your day.

If you want to bring in a sunnier disposition, loose the blues or just plain feel better leave bottle undisturbed, where you can see it for three full moons. 

Made with apple wood (an apple a day...), sugar (to help the medicine go down), organic green tea and coffin nails.

To use : Simply place your bottle in a place where you can see it. Allow it to work for the next three full moons, then you can discard, bury it or simply keep it on a shelf. Enjoy!

 Spells are powerful. Remember to take care with what you wish for.
Keep or discard bottle after use. If you do choose to discard, please do so with care.
Not responsible for any outcome. Entertainment only.