Crafted Teas

Crafted Teas

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Each tea blend is crafted with love and a sprinkle of magick.

All natural teas combined with the world's finest botanicals make our teas unique, delicious and delightful.

Our loose teas make approximately 20-25 cup of the BEST tea ever

-yep, we said that. 

You will taste magick, and love in every cup. 

Choose from:
50 Shades of Grey - High Caffeine. Earl Grey and cream with a little spanking of vanilla, make this tea decadent and delicious. Hot/Milk/Cold
*Blue Moon Bruja - No Caffeine. Enchanted blueberry blended with hibiscus and roses. Conjure a cup and let the magick begin. Drink up witches. Hot/Cold
*Black Magick - Caffeine Free. Blackberry, sage and herbs. Grounding, earthy and enchanting. Like a walk in the forrest, without the critters.
*Call You in the Morning - No Caffeine. Tastes like someone made you breakfast in bed. Hazelnut, cinnamon, and creme. Clothing optional. Hot/Milk
Chai & Chai Again - High Caffeine. Silky sweet coconut, ginger and exotic lemongrass will entice you over and over, again and again. Hot/Cold
*Don't tell Grandma - No Caffeine. Tastes like your grandmother's homemade banana bread. Only better, much better. Hot
Guns & Roses - Moderate Caffeine. Oh sweet child, this hand rolled green tea is minty smooth and rockin good. One cup will take you down to Paradise City. Hot/Cold
Hello Sunshine - Moderate Caffeine. This tea makes the perfect pucker. Lemon, lime and citrus divine. Delicious hot or chilled. Hot/Cold
Make Me Cinn Again - High Caffeine . All the good, none of the guilt. Cinnamon, cardamon, cocoa and ginger conspire to make this tea sinfully delicious. Hot/Milk
H. Potter’s Butterbeer - High Caffeine. Straight form the world of wizards -Butterscotch melts with cocoa and rose hips to make a buttery deliciousness worth of Dumbledore. Hot/Milk
*Talk Dirty To Me - Caffeine Free. Mouth watering mango, tingly ginger, exotic turmeric and sparkly orange. How can something good for you make you feel so naughty? Hot/Cold
Tall, Dark & Handsome - High Caffeine. Take this one home to meet your parents. Rich chocolate, alluring cinnamon and spices make this bad boy delicious hot or cold. Hot/Cold/Milk
Georgia on My Mind- High Caffeine. Tastes like fresh peaches drenched in Georgia sunshine. Perfect for beauty queens and bulldog teams. Hot/Cold
*Such a Teas - No Caffeine. Rich chocolate, dreamy caramel, and golden pecans make this tea the perfect late night partner. No strings attached. Hot/Cild/Milk
*TeaSpoon Me - Caffeine Free. Vanilla , almond, creme and caramel, snuggle together to make the perfect hug in a mug. Hot/Milk